‘What Business Wants’ - The Keys to Successful Corporate Community Partnerships in WA

Event Date: 
20 September 2013
Kailis Function Centre
101 Oxford Street

This Masterclass will boost your understanding of the business sector perspective, elevate your knowledge of corporate-community partnerships, and raise your capability to engage with business and create more successful corporate-community partnerships.

Learn from our two-year partnership survey of WA business and community partners -
• What business wants and expects?
• Why and where business invests?
• The top 6 sectors attracting corporate partnerships and why?
• Organisational capability and the skills and knowledge you need
• Getting Boards on board
• The unwritten rules of engagement
• Checklist for winning proposals
• Risks and challenges in partnerships
• Big tips on avoiding the pitfalls
• Power and politics
• Your best asset
• How 'partner-ready' is your organisation?

Who should attend?
• Community sector CEO's
• Board members
• Partnership Managers
• Fundraising Managers
• Operations Managers
• Marketing/Communications Managers
• Business Development Managers

About the presenter -
Corinne Hawke is the founder of Community Ventures. She has worked with corporations, NGO's and governments and has deep experience and insight into their different cultures and operating environments.

Corinne is a community investment strategist to business and community sector clients. She consults and delivers partnership training and mentoring, and developed PartnerWise for clients wanting to get 'partner-ready'. Recently, Corrine completed a two-year survey of WA business and community sector expectations and needs in partnerships, with a focus on engagement and communication - critical to partnership success.

About Community Ventures -
Community Venture's services assist community and business organisations to achieve positive social impacts that improve lives and the environment - making our communities better places to live and work.

Community Ventures has surveyed the business and community sectors in Western Australia, digging deep to learn more about what business wants, and how business and community organisations can better engage, communicate and partner for mutual social benefit.

Community Ventures
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