West End Briefing: Weathering the cycle

Event Date: 
04 November 2015
Stirling Room - Parmelia Hilton Perth
14 Mill Street

This is a challenging time for many West Australian companies. There is broad recognition that our WA resource economy is cyclical, but that doesn’t make it easier for organisations and boards to weather those cycles – especially the downturns.

Our resources downturn likely means your organisation is taking a different approach to governance, strategy, risk and cost management. You may be weathering the cycle with only a few changes, or you may be working on a day-to-day basis. Either way, there’s much to be learned from those who have weathered the cycle before.

In this briefing we bring together a panel of advisors and directors to share wisdom about ways to effectively lead and govern through the downturn. We’ll discuss issues of solvency, capital management, rapid decision-making, and risk appetite, as well as the legal issues all directors should be aware of in challenging times.

Australian Institute of Company Directors
08 9320 1700
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