WOW NOW Personal Brand Workshop

Event Date: 
20 January 2018

Are you ready to take your career to the next level but feel stuck and unsure about how to do it?

Are you ready to create an image and presence that authentically represents you, your skills and talents?

Imagine aligning your image, personality and body language to create impact wherever you go!

Imagine feeling more confident and all of the opportunities you will attract.

Get ready to step up and stand out! Learn my 7 steps to creating a Confident Image and Presence!

If you are a professional woman who lives in Perth, I would love you to join me for one of my next workshops! You can start creating your WOW NOW Image Today! Join me for one of my upcoming half-day workshops. This is not an introduction or preview. You will walk away wondering how we could possibly cover so much content while having lots of fun. The half-day training is JUST $97 but it is really (And I mean REALLY) worth $595.

Alba Gomez
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