WA Transport Summit 2012

Event Date: 
21 August 2012 to 22 August 2012
Novotel Langley

The 9th WA Transport Summit provides an outlook for WA 's transport projects and strategies, focussing on delivering increased efficiency and capacity to accommodate the export demand.

Lloyd's List Australia's Western Australia Transport 2012 Summit will again provide the perfect opportunity for government departments, transport leaders, finance experts and engineering companies to assess transport reform and projects, address capacity challenges and discuss how best to facilitate the rapid development of the State's record export demand.

The Western Australian Government's plans to undertake the biggest reform of the State's ports in decades highlights the critical link between the wealth generated by increasing commodity exports and the efficiency of transport to generate increased benefits. Last year WA's major ports delivered a combined $46 million in profit to the State Government.

"Since 2000, the value of WA's merchandise exports has risen by more than 300 per cent - from $25.4billion to $112.2billion - and our share of merchandise exports increased from 26 per cent to 46 per cent of the nation's total. There are currently 21 ports; and new ports will be constructed at Barrow Island's Gorgon project, Wheatstone, Oakajee, James Price Point and Anketell. It clearly makes sense to consolidate all these existing and future ports into an appropriately managed regional port structure." 
The Hon Colin Barnett, Premier; Minister for State Development, WA (02 February, 2012)

The Summit will provide an update of the transport projects and policy promoting Western Australia's future productivity and prosperity. Request a copy of the program as soon as availablehere

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Brad Geatches, CEO, Perth Airport
  • Narendra Kumar, Executive Manager, Qantas Regional Airlines Group
  • Greg Martin, Chairman, National Transport Commission
  • Roger Johnston, CEO, Port Hedland Port Authority (PHPA)
  • Alan Langford, Chief Economist, Bankwest
  • Jim Netterfield, Project Director, Oakajee Port and Rail
  • David Harrod, General Manager, Marine Safety, Department of Transport WA
  • Doug Morgan, Executive Director Planning and Technical Services, Main Roads Western Australia
  • Brett Hughes, Director, Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre (C-MARC)

Highlights include:

  • Spotlight on supply chain and bulk logistics services with all transport operators from ports and rail freight to heavy haul vehicles
  • Sector by sector update on freight forecasts, project updates and bulk transport connections
  • Regional developments: Spotlight on the Kimberley, Mid-West and Southern regions

Issues to the assessed cover the entire supply chain from product to port and all the policy that provides a framework for delivering increased efficiency and capacity:

  • Reviewing the viability of existing transport infrastructure and the Government's strategy to accommodate future growth
  • Implications of the State Government's port reforms and State Aviation Strategy
  • Balancing commercial and environmental priorities
  • Private sector interest in expanding transport capacity
  • A look of transport costs and supply chain solutions: What business case are exporters looking for?
  • Growth in Western Australia and opportunities for providing bulk logistics services to the resources and industrial sectors
  • Maritime developments in the North West Shelf
  • Meeting the needs of the growing Western Australian regional market
  • Finding the best solutions across the state: Working with local authorities, businesses and community groups

WA Transport 2012
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