Event Date: 
05 October 2015
Theatre Room, Technology Park Function Centre
2 Brodie-Hall Dr

"It is the year 2030 and Australia is now #1 Country on the Bloomberg Innovation Index [13th in 2015]. What does it mean to our economy? What does it mean to an average Australian? What does it mean to our state and our city? How did we get here?
Each speaker will use his or her knowledge and imagination to paint the picture of Australia 15 years from now, leading the world in innovation. Is the life better now in our country, our state, our city? If so, how? Also, very importantly, what steps did we take to achieve this goal, what programs have we implemented, what legislations have we passed? The purpose behind this exercise is to collectively come up with innovative ideas, which Western Australian Senators can then present to the Federal Government.
Presentations will be followed by Q&A session and general discussion moderated by MC Charlie Gunningham, as well as special presentation to Professor Barry Marshall on the 10th Anniversary of receiving the Nobel Prize, together with his colleague Dr Robin Warren.

Charlie Gunningham, CEO, Business News

Panel of presenters:
Senator Linda Reynolds CSC, (LP) Parliamentary Alliance for Research and Innovation
(Co-Convener of the event)
Senator Zhenya ‘Dio’ Wang, (PUP) Parliamentary Alliance for Research and Innovation
(Co-Convener of the event)
The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of Perth Lisa Scaffidi
Professor Barry Marshall, Nobel Prize Laureate, University of Western Australia
Michael Henderson, Executive Chairman, Sandover Pinder
Peter Kasprzak, CEO, Innovate Australia

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Innovate Australia
08 6314 1585
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