WA Mining Club Education Series – Risk Security and Communication: managing in an ever changing world

Event Date: 
06 July 2016
Hyatt Regency Perth - Terrace Ballroom
99 Adelaide Terrace

The second event of the Curtin Education Series will focus on the emerging risks facing mining companies and how they can be managed.

Three years since the peak of the resource construction boom in Western Australia we still see falling commodity prices, rising costs, new federal and state government taxes and royalties, more red tape and proposed tougher reporting requirements around the disclosure of reserves and resources.

Added to these risks could be a hard landing in China’s economy, recession in the US, the refugee crisis in Europe or more civil unrest in North Africa and the Middle East all of which have an effect on commodity prices.

Then there are emerging risks such as cyber attacks on company information, impacts of social media and fraudulent activities of employees or business partners.

This long list of risks means mining companies should consider the organisation’s ability to adapt to threats, known and unknown, and remain resilient to external shocks. Boards and management need to know how the organisation would respond if any key risks eventuate.

The WA Mining Club has gathered an expert panel of speakers covering risk topics such as:
• How to identify and manage risks.
• Overview of emerging security risks such as terrorism, cyber attacks and employee bullying.
• Crisis management and getting the right message to all stakeholders.

Cassandra Brennan
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