Event Date: 
26 March 2019
AIM WA Leadership Centre
76 Birkdale Street

VITAL LEADERSHIP. How to sustain your performance without burning out.

High performance is a paradox of the past. Sustainable performance is the paradigm of the future. Lead as the best version of yourself in 2019 and for the rest of your life!

In this highly interactive and action focused presentation, Jeremy Watkins will share his personal experiences and insights into why living in vitality is fundamental to sustainable performance and how to achieve a sense of calmness, clarity and compassion in your leadership. During this session, you’ll build the motivation, develop the mindset and be introduced to a method that is guaranteed to sustain your performance, future proof your leadership, and take you and your team to another level.

Key takeaways:
• An understanding of how your physical, mental and emotional energy levels impact your actions and your behaviours
• A sense of calmness and an awareness of how to sustain it
• Practical tools you can adopt to track your energy levels
• An insight into 6 principles you can live by that will build the foundation to sustain your performance and your leadership

As Jeremy states in the opening pages of his new book ‘Insight’ -
“Living in vitality is the foundation of sustainable performance, meaningful achievements and a life well lived.”

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