UWA Lunch & Learn in the CBD: How do values affect consumption behaviour?

Event Date: 
19 July 2016
City of Perth Library
Cathedral Square, 573 Hay Street, Perth

How do your values affect a simple trip to the supermarket? Or what about your choice of holiday destination?

A new project being conducted by the UWA Business School’s Professor Julie Lee is aiming to understand the complex relations between people’s life goals and their consumption behaviour, while also exploring age, life-stage and cohort effects.

This project aims to apply the knowledge gained from a large-scale study into Australian values and value change across the adult life-span. The researchers hope to better understand how people’s values impact their consumer and other decisions, providing information that will enable Australian organisations to better target their marketing activities and the nature of their promotional appeals.
Join Professor Lee at this special CBD lunch-time event as she shares her findings.
A light lunch will be provided.

For further information, please contact Marie Claire Bennetts, Global Alumni Manager, via email or call 6488 3785.

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