US Engagement in the Asia-Pacific Region

Event Date: 
16 August 2013
Hyatt Regency Perth


Brad Glosserman
Executive Director
Pacific Forum CSIS

You are invited to join AmCham as we welcome to Perth US speaker Brad Glosserman. Brad is Executive Director of the Pacific Forum CSIS in Honolulu, Hawaii, which has provided policy-oriented analysis and promoted dialogue on regional security, political, economic, and environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region for over 25 years.

Brad will be able to answer the following questions on the rebalance and the future of US leadership in Asia:

1. What is the US rebalance?
2. What does it mean for US engagement in Asia?
3. What does it demand of US Allies and partners and potential adversaries in the region?

This talk will explore the purpose of the US rebalance, its implications for the Asia Pacific order, and regional reactions to it.

Brad oversees all Pacific Forum programs, conferences, and publications and also directs the Pacific Forum's Young Leaders program.

Glosserman is editor of Comparative Connections, the Pacific Forum's quarterly electronic journal, and originally wrote the section on U.S.-Japan relations; he now coauthors the regional overview with senior editor (and Pacific Forum CSIS president) Ralph Cossa.

He is coauthor of numerous monographs on U.S. foreign policy and Asian security relations and appears regularly at conferences on Asian security and foreign policy held around the world. His articles have appeared in scholarly journals throughout the region, and he has contributed chapters to various books on regional security.

He is the editor, with Tae-hyo Kim, of The Future of U.S.-Korea-Japan Relations: Balancing Values and Interests (CSIS, 2004). His opinion articles and commentary have appeared in the Japan Times, South China Morning Post, International Herald Tribune, Asian Wall Street Journal, Index on Censorship, Japan Digest, and Straits Times, as well as other publications.

Glosserman has been a regular commentator for the BBC and Asian radio programs. Prior to joining Pacific Forum, he was a member of the Japan Times editorial board for 10 years and wrote a weekly column on technology; he continues to serve as a contributing editor. While in Japan, he lectured on Japanese politics at the Institute for the International Education of Students.


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