UDIA WA: Perth in a Global Context - Politics and the Economy with Jonathan Pain

Event Date: 
15 February 2019
Crown Perth
Great Eastern Highway

Where is the world going? What are the key themes that will influence the global economic landscape in the coming years? How will that impact Australia and, more specifically, WA?

Leading international economist Jonathan Pain will take you on a journey from West to East, via the Middle East, in an attempt to identify the key factors and forces that are likely to shape and define the global economic and political landscape in the years and decades ahead.

Since 2003, he has said that the rise of the Asian middle classes is the most significant and defining economic phenomenon of our lifetime and that the world’s centre of economic gravity shifts inexorably to the east. Today, he believes that the global economy is firing on all cylinders with synchronised growth across every major economic region. This does, however, mean that the days of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ monetary policy are now coming to an end and that we will see a rise in global inflation. Jonathan will also discuss the recent escalation in trade tensions between America and China, and consider their impact upon the global economy and financial markets. Has Donald Trump thrown a spanner into the global economic engine? Finally, he’ll bring you home to discuss Australia’s economic outlook. What can we expect for Australia in the years to come? How will WA fare? What are the risks, and opportunities?

Offering an independent and global perspective of the financial markets and the world economy, Jonathan delivers an informative and entertaining masterclass on key economic and political events moving global financial markets, in an easy to understand manner, ensuring you will leave armed with all of the information you need to make informed business decisions for the year(s) ahead.

A panel of industry leaders will then discuss the implications of the predictions for funding and financing development projects in WA .

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