Event Date: 
17 February 2017
CCI Function Centre
180 Hay Street
East Perth

Donald Trump’s election as the President of the United States, the world’s largest market, is a turning point for geo-politics but also for global markets. It’s hard to tell exactly which policies Trump will commit to and which will be simply forgotten.

Changes to the company tax rate, major infrastructure spending, a trade war with China and an influx of US oil to market are all on the table.

CCI’s new Chief Economist, Rick Newnham, will walk through Trump’s cabinet picks and deconstruct the policies to evaluate their impact on business and the economy in Western Australia.

Join us for a light breakfast and the opportunity to meet CCI's Chief Economist discussing the hottest topic in politics.

Get to know Rick:

Rick Newnham joined the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA (CCI) as the Chief Economist in January 2017. Prior to joining CCI, Newnham worked as an Economist for Shell around the world, including postings in Australia (Brisbane and Perth), the UK (Aberdeen) and the Middle East (Dubai).

He is passionate about innovation and policy that will advance Western Australia’s position in the global economy. Through the economic policy, start-up and trade communities, Newnham stays connected to the economies of Europe, the Middle East and Asia, where his experience and interests most overlap.

As an economist who isn’t shy to get his hands dirty, he has worked offshore on oil rigs in the UK North Sea, in the field in the Middle East and on drilling sites in regional Australia.

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