Transformation of healthcare

Event Date: 
30 March 2017

Last year’s CEDA event, The challenge of funding healthcare, presented a panel of health leaders who outlined the challenges facing this industry in reigning in the escalating costs of healthcare.

Continuing this theme, Transformation of healthcare will look at the future of healthcare in Australia. CEDA welcomes Bupa Health Insurance Managing Director, Dr Dwayne Crombie, to share his insights from an industry which is being challenged by rising costs forcing increased premiums, and the impact of falling demand. While rising levels of chronic disease and increased expectations are continuing to force pressure on an increasing budget, new innovations and a focus on prevention offers new hope of greater efficiencies and savings in this field.

This distinguished panel of experts will explore options and opportunities in the Healthcare System in Western Australia and Australia with a view to how the healthcare system can be transformed into a more sustainable model.

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