The new business DNA

Event Date: 
02 July 2013
Hyatt Regency Perth

Gary De Rodriguez, CEO (USA), PeopleRich

Humanistic Business is a concept born in America and spreading across the globe as the new capitalism. It is business allied to values with equal interest in all stakeholders; customer, employee, management and society. In a simply word, it is the integrity of your brand and unique point of difference in your marketplace. Our world is changing, the customer has become more sophisticated and the competition more fierce. If organizations are to thrive in the new economy, they can no longer place profit before people or profit at all costs. They require turning their focus toward a new business model or New Business DNA.

A study conducted in the US revealed that organizations with a Humanistic Business brand distinction and humanistic approach to their staff and customers, exceeded a profit margin of 8 to 1 over their competitors ( Source: Firms of Endearment). The age of information has increased our ability to innovate that is often replaced by imitation two to three months later by the competition, stealing the competitive edge of many progressive organizations. The focus point where the competitive edge of your organization can be identified is where your staff meets the customer, or the emotional engagement of the customer experience. To achieve a consistent delivery in the customer experience, the organizational values must be demonstrated by all strata’s of the operation, from executive board to sales staff and ultimately creating a great and memorable end user experience.

Although lower prices and better product are important to consumers, they are no longer the competitive edge in customer loyalty. That edge comes from whether the end user has loyalty to you because of their experience in the process of doing business with you. Does your staff have loyalty to you because they believe in what the organization stands for? Does your Board of Directors demonstrate the organizational values in their decision making? Do you operate from a higher purpose?

Those organizations that choose to thrive in the new emerging economy will begin to question, what is our edge? How do we distinctly stand apart from our competition, What do we stand for?

Begin to answer these and other important questions so you learn how to thrive in any economy because of your brand difference, empowered values and congruent systems that demonstrate the spirit of your organization.

Four reasons to attend this training experience:

  • Learn the cutting edge differences that are the heart and soul of the most successful organizations and begin to learn how to infuse these strategies into your organization.
  • Identify what your brand distinction is and begin the process of discovery that could forever change the course of how your business can thrive in any economy.Learn how to think outside the box of what has been, into new realms of possibilities.
  • Identify what systems you have in place to transform your operations seamlessly into a Humanistic Business and discover what systems are missing to complete the methodology.
  • Learn the Humanistic Business methodology, what is required and why. Learn how to begin to map out a plan from user experience, leadership development and through to project management.

What you will learn:

  • What is Humanistic Business?
  • The vital components of a working model.
  • Comparative studies of Humanistic Business performance compared to the Good to Great companies of Jim Collins’ study.
  • Discover what the major components of the New Business DNA are and the methodology for implementing Humanistic Business within your organization.
  • Discover what systems you currently have in place and what systems are required.
  • Walk away from this experience with a new concept for how to thrive in any economic climate.
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