The Singapore Stock Exchange: An alternative source of funding?

Event Date: 
09 May 2013
CPA Australia
Level 17, Alluvion, 58 Mounts Bay Road

It has proven somewhat challenging for some Australian companies to raise capital on the Australian Stock Exchange in recent months and the hot topic is how to access alternative sources of funding, including from overseas.

Is the Singapore Exchange an alternative source of funding? What might some of the advantages and disadvantages be? Is it feasible to go down this path? What is the latest at the Singapore Exchange? What might your company's prospects on the Singapore Exchange be? Come and get some answers about the public listing space in Singapore and find out whether listing on the Singapore Exchange is an alternative that could suit your company's ambitions.


Mr Foong Chong Lek
Associate Director, Singapore Exchange
Mr Foong is responsible for attracting listings to the SGX from the Mineral, Oil & Gas Sectors of South East Asia and Australia. His mission is to develop Singapore as a resource investment hub. Mr Foong has previously held positions in private equity and venture capital industries.

Mr Craig Morley, CEO, Snowden, Mining Industry Consultants
Craig has a geological background and has filled a number of senior positions across Australian mining operations. Since joining Snowden in 1997 Craig has consulted on mining and exploration projects throughout Australia, Africa, India, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, South America, and Canada. His experience ranges from project valuation to mining software systems and databases, across a wide range of commodities. He has completed an MBA and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Craig leads a multidisciplinary team with offices in Australia, South Africa, Canada, Brazil and the UK.

Mr Alex Tan Tiong Huat
CEO of Cannacord Genuity Singapore
Mr Tan has been CEO of Cannacord Genuity since 2008. Mr Tan has been involved in rights issues and corporate finance services since 1994. He has previously been in senior corporate finance roles of major Singapore financial services companies such as Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, Hong Leong Finance and UOB Asia Ltd.
Mr Tan has been involved in numerous capital raising transactions in Singapore over the years. Some of his most notable IPO deals include Geo Energy Resources Ltd, China Gaoxian Fibre Fabric Holdings Ltd, Dyna-Mac Engineering Services, Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corporation Ltd, BH Global Marine Ltd, Artivision Technologies Ltd.


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