The Secrets to Becoming Wealthy

Event Date: 
18 September 2017
Bankwest Place
Level 1, 300 Murray Street

Joseph Chou is one of Australia’s leading property investors. Arriving in Australia in 1991 at the age of 29, with only $4000 in his pocket and a strong desire to succeed, he creates a life for himself from very little and has helped many others do the same. He first delivered pizzas for $7 an hour, then undertook door-to-door sales in addition to working in insurance and finally property investment, at each step elevating his position, personal wealth and building a reputation as a determined and brilliant businessman.

“Joseph is a truly inspirational person and his passion is contagious. Every time we meet I feel empowered and more driven to achieve my own goals both in life and business. He is also generous, loyal and fiercely determined. Whilst his story is incredible so far, I know the journey is only just beginning.”
–Tim Forrester, Managing Director of ARIA Property Group

On 18th September, Joseph Chou will come to Perth and share His Secrets to Becoming Wealthy to the public:

* From $7 an hour to a multimillion dollar business, what made him change his mindset and how he planned his career?
* How he created his wealth step-by-step through property?
* What are the strategies to turn a downward market to an opportunity?
* As an entrepreneur, what he considers the most effective methods to bring more business?

Join this wonderful FREE EVENT to learn the journey of success from Joseph Chou on Monday, 18th September. You also have the chance to get your questions answered from him face-to-face.

Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm (Including lunch and Q&A)
Venue: Level 1 Bankwest Place, 300 Murray Street, Perth
Reservation required as seats are limited. Register NOW to book your seat!

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