The Secret to Influential Presentations

Event Date: 
13 August 2013
Hyatt Regency Perth


Influential Presentations is a powerful cutting-edge methodology of how to create presentations that will revolutionize your ability to influence one or thousands. This one skill is perhaps one of the most important skills for any leader to master. When you master the art of influencing through public speaking you set yourself apart in the market and secure your right to greater success. A leader needs to be a charismatic presenter to capture the hearts of others.

This training will teach you techniques you will never find in other educational speaker trainings and place within your hands the skills that will take your career, leadership and sales ability to a whole new level of effectiveness. Learn the secrets of the most charismatic speakers and finally understand how they create their success and perform their magic. If you have been looking for the edge then this is it.

This information is distilled from the vast body of knowledge from the platform skills of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, or the science of how people create and sustain their reality. You will learn how to affect audiences ethnically at their deepest subconscious level, whether you are speaking to a few or to thousands. You'll develop the skill to capture, hold the attention, and captivate audiences as you master your abilities to influence.

Four reasons why you need to attend this training:

1. Gaining the ability to influence is perhaps the most important skill any person who desires to advance their careers requires. When you can hold the attention of a room and inspire a team to action your success possibilities soar.

2. Don't be one of those leaders that remain uneducated in this fundamental skill or take trainings that provide only a small portion of what really creates influence at the deepest levels. Learn how your audience most effectively retains information as you engage all their senses in your presentation through masterful use of new verbal and non verbal presentation skills.

3. Once you master these skills your ability to present with new confidence will soar as peers and people in your audience come up to you and ask; what have you done to improve your presentations as much as you have? You may just experience forthe first time prolonged applause or even a standing ovation because you delivered your presentation with power and charisma.

4. You will learn techniques that very few people ever learn. You will finally know how the most successful speakers create their magic in front of the room and with practice you can stand out from the rest and rock the room with your powerful message, finally gaining the respect of your peers while securing the success you deserve.

Here is a small portion of what you will learn:
1. What is Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology?
2. The science behind how we have created our personalities.
3. Establishing unconscious agreement from a cold audience.
4. How to displace resistance in an audience.
5. The importance of voice patterns and when to us them.
6. The science of eye patterns and their connection to the nervous system and how it relates to your presentations.
7. How to future orient and past orient the audience unconsciously.
8. The structure of charisma based upon the three representational learning styles.
9. Developing powerful stage presence through archetypal physiological body postures.
10. The 4-mat system to organize presentations to the different thinking strategies of an entire audience.

Training benefits and what participants will learn:

1. Learn how to communicate to all the learning styles of your audience.

2. Learn effective tools of influence, which will enhance all areas of your communication.

3. Become confident to overcome your fears of public speaking.

4. Learn the structure of how to create charismatic presentations.

5. Learn how to structure your presentations so you capture all the learning styles in your audience.

6. Learn the secrets of the most influential speakers and become the leader you are capable of being.

7. Come join us for an experience that will forever change how you present to the people you require to influence.


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