The Making of a Safety Leadership Program - Warts and All

Event Date: 
07 May 2014
Esplanade Hotel
46-54 Marine Terrace

IFAP is excited to present Richard Barna, Managing Director of Connect SL with a presentation on how to develop a successful safety leadership program - warts and all.

Google “improving safety in the workplace” and it will bring about 20,800,000 hits in 0.42 seconds. On the one
hand, it shows how popular the topic is, on the other, it also makes for an inextricable jungle of theories, solutions,
programs and opinions all aimed at improving safety. Making head or tail of the available information can be quite a

Richard’s presentation will take you through the process of developing a safety leadership program based on
engaging employees in the safety process. Eight years ago “safety leadership” was not as mainstream as it is now,
but it has quickly emerged as a basic requirement across industries.

Connect’s approach to safety leadership is anchored in the research-based evidence that shows that progressing
beyond policies, processes and compliance programs, safety will further improve only if the whole workforce is fully
engaged in the safety process. Experience and history proves that any successful safety leadership program needs
to be practical and self-sustaining. Connect’s range of safety leadership tools have been implemented with various
degrees of success mainly in the offshore industry from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of Guinea and
the South China Sea.

Attend this special breakfast event to hear Richard discuss the development of a safety leadership program
including barriers encountered on the way, key factors that contributed to resounding successes and listen as he
explores why, in some cases, the program failed.

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