The Magic Within The Tents

Event Date: 
07 September 2016
Integral Development
Level 3, 88 William Street
Perth WA 6000

How well you communicate can make or break your professional image. It directly influences how others view your work and performance – whether you are delivering a sales presentation, closing a business deal, addressing shareholders or delivering the strategic vision to your colleagues…how you present your ideas will virtually always be the difference in how well you enhance your credibility and showcase your thought leadership.

Do you want to learn a process to ensure a success when you have to deliver a presentation or speech?

Would you like to feel more confident about the influence and impact your messages and speeches have on others?

What if the impact from your presentation/s was like a Cirque du Soleil show? Participants wanted to BE THERE to experience it because a summary of the presentation just would not be adequate.

Whether you deliver messages one-to-one or one-to-many, this workshop can assist how you prepare, design and deliver your next speech or presentation.

Content Includes
- What are the traits of “STICKY” messages?
- How to can these traits be incorporated in your presentation?
- How can Cirque du Soleil help us turn our presentations into ‘experiences’?
- What is the real leadership impact of your message after it has been delivered?
- Why is it important to ‘TRACK’ your credibility in the eyes of others?
- What are the consequences of the “shadow” that follows you after your presentation?
- Learn the formula for engaging the hearts and minds of others on a consistent basis.
- Learn how to sharpen the approach you take when delivering key messages or speeches.

Benefits of Attending
This clever, one-of-a-kind program has been designed to be enjoyable, memorable, useful and most importantly impactful. The ‘secrets’ and magic within the tents that will assist you in delivering influential speeches, leading meetings or facilitating sessions will be unveiled.

The workshop has been designed so that you walk away with maximum retention of learning and a range of practical application tools, models and frameworks.
Who Should Attend?

- Leaders/managers needing skills to deliver information through speeches or presentations.
- Business professionals who want to hone their communication and presenting skills.
- Business development professionals or sales consultants who rely on maximum impact from face-to-face interaction.
- Supervisors who have challenging customers and staff and interact through face-to-face communication.
- Business professionals who need to achieve results with and through others.
- Individuals who want to be more deliberate in how they structure and deliver speeches in order to make maximum impact with audience members.


Dr Troy Hendrickson
Troy is known as “The Impact Evangelist” and his work has spanned across six continents and 50 countries. His passion is helping people transform beliefs into behaviours and make a leadership impact regardless of their position, title or career stage. He is an adjunct faculty member with universities throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and America teaching a range of classes that relate to leadership, diversity, sales and communication. Troy is known for his engaging, entertaining and provocative approach and methodology.

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