The Future of Finance Complimentary Roadshow

Event Date: 
12 August 2016
Cliftons Perth
191 Saint Georges Terrace Perth

The Future of Finance Complimentary Roadshow - It's time to break down Silos and align Finance and Operations.

Streamline your Financial Processes and build a Modern Finance Function. Learn the latest trends in Planning, Budgeting, Reporting and Business Intelligence at our complimentary roadshow.
Find out how a modern Corporate Performance Management tool like Prophix can transform your processes and turn the Finance Team into Finance Leaders.

We welcome everyone to register to this event - whether you are currently using Prophix in your organisation or have never used the product but are interested in the capabilities and features of our solution.


Streamline the planning process and collaborate with the business, increase ownership and accuracy by moving away from complex spreadsheets.
Break down operational silo’s with Prophix’s integrated financial planning approach. With real time consolidation, sophisticated driver based budgeting and a rich, easy to use browser interface you can ensure finance and operations are in complete alignment. Capture revenue, costs, personnel and more at a detailed level, giving you unrivalled clarity and accuracy over your budget.


Enable end to end, self-service reporting, over the web with Prophix’s easy to use Excel like reporting functionality.
With Prophix you can start your journey with a beautifully formatted report, analyse that report with ad-hoc, slice and dice functionality and drill through to the underlying transactions and detail all within the one interface. By integrating with many source systems, Prophix can enable a company wide, operational view of your organisation whether it’s transactions, employees or inventory. With Prophix's report binders, automate the distribution of monthly board packs and management reports.


Unify KPIs, planning tasks and Business Intelligence visualisations in one web based interface.
The new Prophix Dashboard studio allows your finance team to present information more creatively by providing self-serve dashboards and visualisations that directly integrate with Prophix data, workflow tasks, announcements and external URLs and databases. Build, access and share dashboards anywhere, anytime with any device and any browser.

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