The CEO Summit

Event Date: 
31 January 2019
Crown Towers
Great Eastern Highway

How do you “Stay ahead of the pack”? Hear John Hughes, Samantha Jackson, Mary Power and more discuss how to take risks personally and financially; tap into new technologies; look at new and improved ways of operating; while also maintaining the core fundamentals of your business.

With companies all across the world able to offer goods and services in any market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish your core offerings. “Staying ahead of the pack” is the key to survival. Whether it’s a photo finish or a runaway, staying ahead is all that matters. Learning how to achieve this is what distinguishes good leaders. Spending time researching, planning and allocating resources to capture the lead is essential.

Explore how you can stay ahead of the pack through competitive strategies, differentiation, organisational culture, branding, mental fitness, technology and more. Here is your opportunity to hear from those who’ve been there and are still achieving their goals. Join us and let’s all STAY AHEAD OF THE PACK!

- John Hughes, Founder & Managing Director of John Hughes Group
- Sam Jackson, Managing Director of Samantha
- Mary Power, Director of mpower people
- Charlette Mawl, Director of Change Optimised
- Carolyn Williams, CEO of CERI (Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation)
- Lindsay Adams, CEO of The Relationships Guy
- Rael Bricker, Business Owner of Give Your Business The Edge
- Kellie Lewis, Director of The Mental Health Project
- Danial Ahchow, Business Owner of Eaco Systems
- Sonia Zeiback, Business Owner of Pappyon

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