Sustainable Urban Forest Management Symposium Series

Event Date: 
09 October 2018
Perth City Farm
1 City Farm Place

The Sustainable Urban Forest Management Symposium Series, a unique collaboration between Western Australian The Forever Project and world-leading consultancy Arbor Carbon, will be showcasing an exciting and innovative fusion of entertainment and environmental education on some of Perth's high profile open spaces. It will feature the latest and leading science, displays and interactive presentations, plants, products and community engagement strategies to help make greening plans a powerful force for positive change. Taking the harsh and hostile public space opposite City Farm and, in a fast-paced live performance, transforming it into a beautiful, resilient and engaging urban green space shows the vital role of trees and how quick and simple a transformation can be.

Combining the skills of expert landscapers and architects such as Sabrina Hahn and Mandy & Mike Bamford, an innovative suite of waterwise and productive plants, combined with recycled materials, will result in the creation of a funky post-modern community hub for everyone to enjoy.

Symposium Features:
- National and international expert presenters and demonstrations.
- A showcase of world-class urban renewal and re-greening projects from WA and around the globe; from the MRA, national and international government bodies.
- Displays and interactive presentations from some of WA’s leading suppliers of urban greening and landscaping products.
- Central venue: Perth City Farm, East Perth. An inspirational living example of urban renewal and greening.

The event features local and international keynote speakers from Hong Kong, Hawaii, Bangkok and the UK including local experts Sabrina Hahn, Dr Paul Barber, Chris Ferreira, Dr Hayley Christian and Professor Bernard Dell, as well as international experts Deborah Kuh, Kevin Eckert and Dr Montathip Sommechai.

To book your place, please visit and

The Forever Project and Arbor Carbon or
0409 662 704 (Chris) or 0419 216 229 (Paul)
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