Superannuation - What's Hot (and What's Not)

Event Date: 
23 May 2013
Perth Concert Hall

In the past month there have been several substantial announcements with respect to superannuation that will affect our clients, as well as the potential for further announcements to come out in the Federal Budget. In this session Jemma Sanderson, CTA, from Cooper Partners will outline:

- Detail with respect to the announcement on 5 April 2013 and the potential impact;
- Areas yet to be clarified with respect to the operation of the 5 April announcements;
- How the 5 April changes will affect your clients, and the opportunities for consideration for clients with existing structures in their funds as at 5 April 2013;
- The draft legislation released on 1 May 2013 regarding the additional 15% tax on contributions for high income earners;
- Any superannuation announcements in the Budget that need to be considered / taken advantage of;
- Superannuation planning leading up to 30 June 2013.

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