Success & Leadership: Dr Mike Nahan MLA - The WA Economy in 2015

Event Date: 
24 February 2015
Grand Ballroom, Hyatt Regency
99 Adelaide Terrace

 Hon Dr Mike Nahan MLA was thrust into the State Treasurer role in March 2014, only a few weeks before bringing down his first budget. Since then the iron ore price has wreaked havoc on income projections.

What is the outlook for the local economy in 2015? How will the WA government and its finances respond?

Hear first hand from the man with his hand on the tiller of our local economy.

Dr Nahan was first elected as a member for Riverton in 2008, and after the 2013 election was appointed as Minister for Energy, Finance and Citizenship and Multicultural Interests.

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan as one of 13 children, Mike Nahan grew up on a small farm and went on to earn an Economics degree from the University of Michigan. He arrived in Australia in 1978, and in WA in 1982, completing a PhD in Economics from ANU. Prior to politics he was the Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs, a conservative think tank. Dr Nahan is married to Dr Nyuk Nahan, and they have two children who are both at university

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