Strata Managers Vs Property Managers Do you know the difference?

Event Date: 
12 March 2014
The State Library
25 Francis Street

The differences between Strata Managers and Property Managers is quite significant and a frequently asked question. Everyday dozens of calls come in to the SCA WA office from Lot Owners and Tenants requesting basic information such as;
•Who is responsible for authorising repairs to the common property?
•Why can’t property managers authorise repairs to running water that is not their unit and; will this affect their water bill?
•Why won’t the strata manager return my calls?
•Why can’t I hang my washing out on my balcony?
•Vehicles and parking on common property
•If there is something I want addressed, why can’t I request a meeting with property manager/strata manager?
•I have just been told I have to comply with By-Laws, shouldn’t my property manager have told me about them?

We have assembled a panel of experts to discuss the different roles and responsibilities of Strata Managers & Property Managers
Panel Members:
Hayden Groves
REIWA Deputy President
Dethridge Groves Real Estate
Robyn Spinley
Deputy Chair REIWA Property Management Network
Genesis Residential Property Managers
Andrew Chambers
SCA WA President
Chambers Franklyn Strata Management
Karen Richardson
Richardson Strata Management

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