Social Media Hacking LIVE - Social Media Training As A New Solution For Small Business Growth

Event Date: 
04 May 2016
Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Australia - Perth Inc.
Unit 9
8 Clive Street
West Perth, WA 6005

Creating and launching a business nowadays is easy and in some cases free. The HARD part is to get people to notice.

In just a few years Social Media completely changed the way we communicate, socialize, and do business. With low barriers to entry in the online space competition skyrocketed and while just a year ago it was fairly easy to get a steady following on social media, the social media advertising space is becoming more and more a pay to play game.

Does it mean only big companies can get results with social media?


It means that small businesses need to learn how to play smart in order to spend less and win more.

In just 1 DAY we will introduce you to a smarter way to market your business on social media, teach you new tools to simplify and automate your marketing, and get you to try them on your business right in the room, covering:

- Individualized Social Media Strategy
- Social Media Channels 101
- Cool and Simple Social Tools
- Social Media PR DIY
- The Power of Hashtags
- Social Event Marketing
- Facebook Marketing
- Social Media VS SEO
- Facebook Ads VS Adwords

This Seminar Goes Deep Into The Most Common Obstacles Small Businesses Encounter When Trying To Grow Their Business Through Social Media With a Step By Step Approach.
There are only a few seats left to take part of this empowering experience.

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