Smart Women Smart Money Seminar

Event Date: 
11 April 2018
Bendat Community Centre
36 Dodd Street

You might have finished top in your class at university and gone on to become an industry-leading professional, maybe even a CEO or small business owner. But it seems very few women are immune when it comes to the challenges of understanding and managing their personal finances.

Financial Adviser, Katie McDonald, will cover a range of topics aimed at helping women to better understand their personal finances, including:
- understanding where you are now and where you want to go
- the benefits of Super
- the Fundamentals of Shares
- property investment and mortgage repayments
- the importance of Insurance and Estate Planning

This informative evening will enhance the base financial knowledge of every attendee in some way or other. At the very least, by the end of the event, a number of women will feel more enriched and confident about their long-term financial options and future direction.

Wine & cheese will be provided at the cessation of the information session.

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