Skills Development Breakfast

Event Date: 
13 July 2013
Leadership Centre, AIM WA
76 Birkdale Street, Floreat


Leadership Essentials Part Two: Developing Your Leadership Skill Set

Event Overview

Successful leaders set themselves clear goals. They also develop and deploy a range of leadership skills and behaviours to assist them on their leadership journey.

These skills might be in areas such as decision-making or strategic thinking.

What skills and behaviours do you have in your leadership portfolio that will assist you in achieving your goals as a successful leader? What skills do you wish to develop further?

In this practical and stimulating session, you will develop your ability to:
•Explore your future leadership goals
•Examine the skills and behaviours (thoughts, words, deeds, habits) that currently shape you as a leader
•Identify the skills and behaviours that you will need on your journey
•Apply the views of leadership experts to your essential leadership skills
•Connect your leadership skills to your leadership brand

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