Seminar: Workforce Agility

Event Date: 
26 March 2014
Hyatt Regency Perth


Presented by Chandler Macleod

Workforce Agility - Organisational Strategies for Thriving and Surviving

One thing that is certain in an uncertain environment, is change. Agility plays a significant role in not only surviving turbulent conditions, but also in increasing revenue and succeeding in the long term. An organisation must be agile to adapt and respond quickly to changes - in both the challenges it faces, as well as the opportunities it can capitalise on. 

'Organisational Agility' is increasingly recognised as crucial to a business’s ability to survive and thrive in turbulent or uncertain times.

A recent study by Melbourne University Faculty of Business and Economics concluded that,
“..existing models (of organisational change) fail to provide an up-to-date roadmap for organisations to be agile in an environment where global and local market conditions are changing almost instantaneously. This is not purely ‘turbulence’ - it is permanent change occurring to the ecosystems in which organisations are operating.”

The Economist Intelligence Unit in the UK found that while the overwhelming majority of executives view organisational agility as a competitive necessity, more than one-quarter said that their organisation was at a competitive disadvantage because it was not agile enough to anticipate fundamental marketplace shifts.

This seminar will provide participants with relevant and practical information on Organisational Agility and how organisations are achieving this. The seminar will encompass the three critical components required to achieving organisational agility:
• Culture
• Strategy 
• Leadership

and most importantly, the alignment of these to enable organisations to effectively adapt.

About our Speaker: 
Nick Doran, Senior Consultant, Chandler Macleod
Nick is a Registered Psychologist who joined Chandler Macleod in 2011. He has over 10 year’s experience working as a psychologist across clinical and organisational fields. Nick is committed to delivering timely, effective interventions utilising best practice psychology solutions to help improve the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. 

He is passionate about creating and sustaining high performing teams and has spent several years developing and delivering initiatives to assist organisations towards this goal including extensive work with military Special Forces (SF).

Nick has extensive experience to build upon best practice methodology in the following key areas:

•Training and coaching. 
•Providing innovative solutions to organizational and individual issues.
•Assessment for selection & development.
•Provision of applied psychological support.


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