Security Risk

Event Date: 
29 October 2015
Governance Institute
Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue
Perth WA 6000

Each day we hear about another hacking, corporate systems failure or major threat to company functioning. Now that privacy and personal security is being compromised, it’s time for governance leaders to pause and learn from those who are ahead of the game: what’s what; how the Security Risk Standard can assist and what you should prioritise. It’s now a matter of company survival.

Designed for those who will be involved in making strategic decisions, this half-day course delivers an essential overview of the Australian Security Risk Standard in the context of data security and emerging technologies.
This course provides participants with:
an overview of the ´three domains’ of security risk- People, Assets and Technology
a focus on the Board’s responsibilities
examples of how security issues can be addressed by company risk management tools and what else needs to be put in place
insights into risks involving data security and emerging technologies at the global level

Christopher Cotter
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