Securing Your Organisation's Critical Assets

Event Date: 
05 November 2015
Oracle Corporation
66 Kings Park Road
West Perth

Security is required at every layer more so now than ever before and the threats posing both businesses and individuals will just continue to increase at a rapid pace. Perimeter security is essential as a first line of defense, however the perimeter of the network that we once knew is gone, with mobility, cloud and internal threats driving home to CEOs the urgent need to protect their organisation's most confidential data store – the database.

With so many potential avenues through which an attack may take place, and given today’s complex and distributed IT environments, it’s easy to understand that protecting an organisation's data at the core is essential and needs numerous types of solutions. Hence it is important to look at a comprehensive strategy to address the major risks to your critical assets.

Oracle Corporation invites you to attend a security product briefing to learn how Oracle’s offerings can assist your organisation to evaluate, prevent and detect security threats from the inside out for both Oracle and non-Oracle databases.

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