School Governance WA

Event Date: 
13 September 2017
Governance Institute of Australia
Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue

Fulfil your governance training requirements this year with our practical workshop designed specifically to enhance governance understanding within schools and meet mandatory governance training obligations for all non-government school “responsible persons”.

By attending this course, you will:
- gain an understanding of governance, its key elements and why it is so important to your school
- learn how the board secretariat operates in a school where governance practices are exemplary
- understand the accountability attached to those in the role of ‘responsible person’
- identify examples of common conflicts of interest, and how to deal with them
- explore how implementation of risk management can protect your school business and reputation
- discuss the current topical issues in governance and how they impact you.

Also hear from a school board member about their practical experience and tips for school governance.

Governance Institute of Australia
08 9321 8777
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