Safeguarding WA independence from Canberra in the Asia Century

Event Date: 
16 April 2013
Royal Perth Yacht Club

Free Public Forum

Hon Christian Porter
Endorsed Liberal federal candidate for Pearce

Mr Porter has been a legal practitioner with Clayton Utz and Office of Public Prosecutions, and lectured in law at the University of WA. He entered State Parliament in 2008 and served as Treasurer, Attorney-General and Corrective Services Minister.

Key issues to be addressed:

- Survey Canberra's centralising since the 1920s and WA's pioneering post-1960 drive for greater economic involvement with Asian economies

- WA in 1980s exports to Asia at $800 million. Today these stand at $70 billion.

- Australian east coast population centres have 92 of the 150 House of Representatives seats - NSW, 48; Victoria, 37; Tasmania, 5; and the ACT, 2, to Western Australia has 15.

- The five Rudd/Gillard & Gillard/Swan years (2008-13) show how formidable this near two-thirds in that chamber can be with imposition of a tax on Carbon Dioxide and a mining profits tax plus additional environmental controls.


Come and bring a friend - ask a question.
Let Mr Porter know what you want from Canberra.


CNI is a non-party political group of Australians trying to build a better Australia for future generations.


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