SUPREME TEAMS: There is an 'I' in team

Event Date: 
16 May 2018
Australian Institute of Management WA
76 Birkdale Street

AIM WA Skills Development Workshop

The best teams make the most of everyone’s unique skills and abilities. They are so much more than the sum of the parts. A good place to start is to look closely at what our own contribution to complement our team’s performance and success is.

Supreme teams stand out because they do things differently. What is it that gives them that special edge? What is it that you, as an individual, can do to raise the performance of your team?

Join us in this highly interactive workshop as Louise takes you through a range of activities to understand your contribution to creating supreme teams.

During this session, you will explore:
- tools to examine your current level of contribution and what you uniquely contribute to the team
- a holistic view of your team's skills and abilities and how you can best complement them
- strategies to review and play to your team's strengths
- what is the 'I' in team. Your action plan for your unique contribution and continued development

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