Run a Profitable Business - Part I, Be Compliant

Event Date: 
27 July 2016
ROCG Perth
Level 1
1109 Hay Street
West Perth

We present Part I of How to Run a Profitable Business, the importance of being compliant.

Passion, innovation, and creativity are the most common forces behind a new business coming to life. The excitement can be contagious and hard to restrain. We love sharing this joy with our new and existing business clients.

A wise advisor will tell you however that passion alone is not enough to keep your dreams alive, and, when applied to a business scenario, the less exciting stuff is just as important to get in place and get right the first time.

Key topics include:
Regulatory Compliance
Tax obligations
New regulations
Good practice checklist

A light breakfast will be provided plus coffee and tea to your liking.

Registration and Breakfast @ 7.30am
Presentations from 8.00am to 10.30am
Questions from 10.30am to 11.00am

There will be regular breaks to allow you to stretch your legs and update your parking ticket if required.

Come along and find out the importance of complying with the laws associated with running and conducting business. You want to see your business grow, and so do we.

ROCG Perth
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