Ross Garnaut: Australia - Superpower of the Low Carbon World Economy

Event Date: 
21 January 2016
State Theatre Centre
182 William Street

The Australian Institute of Energy's Young Energy Professionals is excited to announce that Professor Ross Garnaut, leader of many high-level Government Reviews and Commissions including the Federal Government’s Garnaut Climate Change Review (2008), is making the trip to Perth to present exclusively to the Young Energy Professionals at the exceptional Heath Ledger Theatre in the State Theatre Centre of WA.
The Paris meeting of the UN has confirmed that the international community is headed towards decarbonisation of energy by late this century, with earlier transitions on the developed economies. Australia fared well in the high carbon energy economy that is beginning what will be a long decline. It can do even better in a low carbon world energy economy. Australia has richer renewable energy resources than any other developed economy. Professor Garnaut's presentation will discuss how this can be converted into sustainable comparative advantage in energy intensive industries, and how new energy intensive industries will emerge in the low carbon world.
Finger food and a limited bar tab will be provided, after which there will be a cash bar. We hope to get a good crowd into the theatre so please pass this invitation on to your networks and help us make it a great night!
Although the event is heavily subsidised by our generous sponsors, there will be a registration fee of $15 to help cover costs, so registration is essential (please follow the link below).

Young Energy Professionals
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