Resilience: The difference that makes the difference!

Event Date: 
25 June 2013
Leadership Centre, AIM WA
76 Birkdale Street, Floreat

Event Overview

In an ever changing world that brings increasing demands and expectations, we are often challenged as professionals to be able to perform at our best.

For many of us, it is relatively easy to perform at our full potential when the environment is supportive and less demanding.

This becomes significantly more difficult during times of stress.

Being reactive to our environment, means that the quality of our performance becomes dependant on what is often out of our control.

Consequently, balancing out the reactive highs and lows of performance gives us an overall "average" level of performance.

What separates the extraordinary from the ordinary or average performer, is not their fundamental skills or knowledge, but their ability to not only cope, but thrive during times of stress.

Such extraordinary performers are often described as being "resilient."

They are the people who keep going when the going gets tough.

In our current competitive global market, average is not good enough.

In fact, research shows that average individual performance often results in less than average overall organisational performance.

Therefore we need to look at building resilience to more consistently perform at our full potential, enabling us to be more "extraordinary."

During this interactive session we will cover:

•The most current research on the core components of resilience
•Controlling your emotional response in times of stress
•Proven effective and simple tips and techniques to build resilience

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