RESILIENCE Workshop with Dr Vanessa Thiele

Event Date: 
20 September 2017
Kailis Bros
101 Oxford Street

RESILIENCE Workshop with Dr Vanessa Thiele

A Business Women Australia Oxfam Trailwalker Fundraiser

It’s time to learn how to build your resilience and that of your team. This workshop will leave you with practical techniques that can be easily integrated into your working day. “The science and practice of empowering people to thrive in change and challenge.”

Workshop Content:
- Hear about the connection between Resilience, Stress and Performance.
- Discover your strengths and how to use them to unlock more of your potential.
- Learn about 'Flow' and how you can perform at your peak.
- Gain strategies for adopting an optimistic, solution-focused mindset that allows you to overcome challenges.
- Learn evidence-based techniques that enable you to gain emotional mastery and manifest the outcomes you want in life.
- Understand Fixed vs Growth Mindsets, and how to choose between them.
- Discuss strategies to create a growth mindset culture in your family, teams and organisation.
- Understanding resilience and the wellness components that can boost your resilience reserves.
- Hear how to identify stress and the triggers, signs and symptoms of stress and burn-out.
- Explore common reactions and current coping strategies.
- Discover the key to Post-Traumatic Growth and how to recover from the toughest setbacks
- Assess your resilience factors and create a personal action plan

Invest in learning the tested methods to integrate resilience into working and personal life. If you or your team are looking to improve your mental agility and better manage stress by building resilience, join us at this pragmatic workshop and learn how to apply practical resilience-building skills in everyday life.

Workshop Resources:
This resilience workshop enables you to get access to pragmatic skills and frameworks that will help you be more effective at work and in life. To support this, you will be provided with quality resources including:
- Comprehensive session workbook
- Resilience Checklist and Personal Action Plan
- One obligation-free coaching session with Dr Vanessa Thiele
- Certificate of Resilience Training

About Dr Vanessa Thiele:
A Premium member of Business Women Australia and Circle Leader, Dr Thiele is the Director of Action Potential Group. She is sought for her expertise as a health psychologist, motivation & engagement specialist. She completed her doctorate of health psychology at Deakin University to help people achieve excellence in their lives and their workplaces.

50% of this workshop revenue will go towards supporting the efforts of our BWA Oxfam Trailwalker fundraising team. If you can't make it but still want to help, please jump online and support our fabulous four Business Women Australia Trailwalkers - Dr Vanessa Thiele, Liz McCoy, Clare McAlaney, Louise Matson. If you are looking to join the team, we have a place available -

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