Public Open Space Forum

Event Date: 
13 December 2018

A unique Forum over two half days that delivers all the information you need to know about the future of Public Open Space in WA.

Wednesday 19 June | Host UDIA

In some areas water for POS will be a major issue with allocations falling to 6,750kl/pa/hectare and potentially down to 5,000/pa/hectare. This forum has a case study approach and considers what the future of POS looks like in a water constrained regulatory system.

• What is the Local Authority looking for and how will it be administered?

• How is the Department of Water liaising with key stakeholders?

• How are developers addressing the challenges?

• What are the alternative water sources and will they become economically viable in the future?

• What has the Water Corporation been doing in this space?

• What are the consequences for future residents?

These questions and more will be discussed at the UDIA Forum on Wednesday 19 of June.


Members Half Day $180 per person (INC GST)

Members Full Registration $340 per person (INC GST)

Non-Members Half Day $220 per person (INC GST)
Non- Members Full Registration $380 per person(INC GST)

08 9215 3400
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