Protect Yourself | Cybercrime: the role of business leaders

Event Date: 
08 September 2015
Australian Institute of Company Directors
Level 1, Allendale Square, 77 St Georges Terrace

It sounds like a storyline from a Hollywood sci-fi thriller - a hacker gaining the personal details of millions of customers from well known international companies. Leaked stories from well-reputed news companies and company networks and IP being held at ransom.

But each of these has already happened, and mark the beginning of a cybercrime wave threatening business, governments and individuals around the world.

Today’s organisations, regardless of size or industry, should be aware of the escalating risks surrounding cybercrime. Cyber risks, range from the loss of information and low level hacking to disruption of entire business due to a data centre outage. The cyber risks that a business encounters are constantly changing and it seems that no organisation, regardless of size is immune.

Our briefing will explore:
• The hype surrounding cyber risks
• Current ethical, legal and economic impacts
• The threats surrounding cybercrime
• Where the risks originate from and why
• Brand consideration and the effects on your business
• What boards and business leaders need to know about the current trends

As a business leader attending this briefing, you will be able to:
• Review your organisations cybersecurity
• Evaluate your cyber safety
• Learn how big and small companies have responded
• Understand the risks and benefits of cloud computing
• Find out what’s on the horizon

Australian Institute of Company Directors
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