Property Networking Q&A: Agreements for Lease

Event Date: 
26 February 2015
HHG Legal Group
Level 1, 16 Parliament Place
West Perth

How many times have we seen these words or the like, “Landlord will build a building designed to your specifications”

This sounds enticing, leaving the burden of large capital expenditure to the landlord – no huge capital outlay and you can save your capital dollars to grow your business. But how does the tenant ensure they get the building they want?

How does the tenant bind the landlord to grant a lease in the future? How does the landlord make sure that the terms of the lease that is granted in the future are certain?

Agreements for lease are the answer.

In the first session of HHG’s commercial property series, Counsel Anne Hurley and Associate Jason Chanlongsirichai will facilitate a lively discussion of what an agreement to lease should contain and when it should be used. Network with colleagues and professionals and join the discussion.

HHG Legal Group
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08 9322 1966
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