Professor Tsedal Neeley - High Performing Teams

Event Date: 
06 May 2019
Hyatt Regency Perth
99 Adelaide Terrace

Despite the pervasive nature of teams in practically every organisation, we know little about the pre-conditions that need to exist for a team to perform at high level. Modern teams are far more diverse, dispersed, digital and dynamic than ever. Added to this is the rapid pace of change, both inside and outside the organisation, often leading to frequent changes to the team membership. As a distinguished Harvard Business School Professor, Tsedal Neeley brings an evidence-based approach to the practical realities of the best design, management and leadership imperatives for successful teams.

During this content-rich morning, Professor Neeley will:
- provide participants with the tools to diagnose complex team dynamics and take action to improve team performance
- show you how to build the combination of analytic, interpersonal and leadership skills to effectively lead teams
- sharpen participant's understanding of both the disruptive forces that can derail teams and the conditions that increase team success

Key topics for the morning will include:
- defining compelling directions
- task parameters that are appropriate for teams
- securing access to resources that maximise team performance
- the selection and management of the right people for the team
- team cultures that drive performance

What matters most in enabling effective group collaboration is not the personalities, attitudes or behavioural styles of the team members. Instead, what teams need to thrive are certain enabling conditions including effective team design that matches the task needs with the skills of potential team members, team processes to support effective decision making, a compelling direction and team leadership.

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