Professional Development Sundowner: Becoming a Collaborative Leader

Event Date: 
30 July 2013
Leadership Centre, AIM WA
76 Birkdale Street, Floreat


Dr Neil Preston
Director, PsyOpus and Inovus Group

Dr Neil Preston, Director of PsyOpus has assisted in the procurement and delivery of over 2 billion dollars worth of infrastructure projects in Western Australia that use collaborative contracting methodologies. He is one of the lead consultants on Gateway WA, Elizabeth Quays Project and the MAX Light Rail Project.Dr Preston is a highly published author with international articles in psychology and medical science including in the British Medical Journal, Psychological Medicine and Comprehensive Psychiatry. He is a leadership and team performance coach and is a specialist in developing the conditions necessary for organisations to tackle and solve their most complex problems collaboratively.


Event Overview

What are the psychological conditions necessary to know you are collaborating with someone? This question has fascinated Organisational Psychologist Dr Neil Preston for many years. People and organisations often use the term 'collaboration' but do they really know what it means and when they are genuinely doing it?

Using the very latest research in organisational psychology, sociology, philosophy, anthropology and project management, Dr Preston will provide you an overview of the tools and conditions necessary to create and sustain collaboratively mature leadership performance.

With reference to practical case studies, this fascinating session will assist you in understanding the four conditions of collaboration: 

Understand your problem – if your problem is complex you need to collaborate – gain a greater understanding of the 'wickedness' of your problems as a leader

Understand your "self" – what are the four conditions within each of us that enable or disable collaborative maturity?

Understand others – an introduction to transpersonal psychology and its importance in maintaining high performing teams

The Price of Collaboration – what attitudes do we need to give up in order to become collaboratively mature leaders?

Forget the competitive edge. What is the collaborative edge you need to succeed in a complex world? This is a not to be missed professional development session.


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