Predicting Injuries - Should It Be Done?

Event Date: 
12 August 2014
128 Farrington Rd

IFAP is excited to present Dr Jenny Legge, Managing Director of JobFit Systems International with an overview on pre-employment functional testing.

We are all making great efforts towards reducing sprains and strains in our workplaces – ranging from top tier hazard controls such as ergonomic redesign to administrative controls like behavioural safety and manual handling training programs. Despite some improvements, sprains and strains are still negatively impacting the health of our people, the productivity of our operations and the bottom line of our companies.

Functional capacity evaluations are increasing in popularity as a method of predicting performance and future risk of injury, but do they work? Do they measure what we think we are measuring? Dr Legge has spent the last ten years finding an answer to these questions.

In this informative and thought provoking session, Dr Legge will present an overview of what the research tells us with particular emphasis on the latest findings and what they mean for us. Are we just throwing our money away and wasting people’s time? If people’s health, safety and livelihoods are being affected by decisions made based on pre-employment functional testing – then we need to make sure that we have got it right!

Please join fellow IFAP Alumni and other safety professionals for the opportunity to network and hear Dr Jenny Legge’s presentation ‘Predicting Injuries - Should It Be Done?’

If you can not attend the networking event, IFAP now offers you webinars in the convenience of your own environment.

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