Podcast: 7 Rules for Report Writing for Geologists and Mining Engineers

Event Date: 
01 May 2019
Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Optiro website

Today, the 7 Rules for Report Writing podcast will be published and available for free on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify and the Optiro website. This podcast is number 10 in the Fresh Thinking by Optiro series.

Reports are one of the most important methods of communication in the world of geology. Writing well means your findings will be well understood and interpreted correctly, both on the day you deliver them and years down the track. Optiro's Director of Geology and report editor-in-chief, Ian Glacken, has summarised his advice on report writing down to seven key points.

In this episode:
0:40 What sort of reports are there in geology and why are they important?
1:18 Why is good report writing important?
2:08 Rule #1: Making the report readable
2:49 Rule #2: Using visuals in your report
4:10 Rule #3: A presentation is not a report
6:00 Rule #4: Refer to all captioned items
6:58 Rule #5: Cut down on jargon where possible
8:40 Rule #6: Clarity, concision and elegance
10:43 Rule #7: RTFR
11:45 What can people read to get ideas on how to write better reports?

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