Pitcher Partners 2012 Resources Panel Lunch

Event Date: 
31 August 2012

The world finds itself in a very strange place…..


We are in limbo, capital markets are paralysed, debt markets are so risk averse as to be paralysed, major sectors of the international economy are in dire straits and politically paralysed, and all this uncertainty is not good for business. On the other hand, China continues to grow, albeit a little slower than predicted at about 8%, but even at that level it means substantial ongoing and growing needs of our resources. Even India, which remains a sleeping giant, is now impacting our resources sector in a much more meaningful way with its well-known need for coal, and lots of it.


Each year we sit down and look at what has transpired, and try to predict what is to come. With so much uncertainty surrounding our world the only certainty is more of the same. More of Europe lurching from one economic or political crisis to the next, more flat economic conditions throughout most of the developed world, more pressure on limited funds, more conservative investment behaviour.


In our own backyard we are going to need to focus on controlling costs, we would be smart to consider diversifying our customer base, looking to add greater value to our resources before shipping, or investing in the value add

processes offshore with the super profits we are making today. We need to invest in infrastructure. We need to read the markets, look for trends, pick the commodities that will be strong going forward. We need to make sure adequate resources are applied to maintaining any advantages we currently have, such things as education and research to ensure we keep exploration and mining activities at world best practice, developing new and innovative technologies and methodologies to gain competitive advantages.


This year our expert panel will be led by Bryan Hughes, Managing Director of Pitcher Partners. Speakers include the Hon. Norman Moore, Minister for Mines and Petroleum, David Flanagan of Atlas Iron, George Jones of Gindalbie Metals and Peter Wade of Mineral Resources. For further details, please contact Zoë or Jaimie at





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