Pit Crew Labour Market Update seminar

Event Date: 
20 August 2013
University Club of Western Australia
Hackett Drive

The Labour Market Environment

The major project labour market has demonstrated considerable change over the past 12 months. And the environment ahead five years is going to present conditions that are different again to any period we have experienced before.

In terms of labour, the gap between demand and availability has closed across a range of skills - mostly semi-skilled roles - a lot quicker than we had anticipated, and the impact of the economy on other sectors is also increasing availability in some occupations. However some major project roles will still see moderate shortages of a number of specialised skills, with the quality and experience of candidates remaining an issue. By mid-2014 many of the shortages will relate to metal and electrical trades as a result of a raft of LNG and mining projects reaching their peak numbers.

The Seminar Focus

With a particular focus on the WA major project market, this event will explain the evolving and less understood dynamics impacting demand and availability of labour resources, including:
• competition between states, sectors and commodity groups
• emerging north/south Australian labour market delineations
• the shift from project construction to operations phase

Peter Dyball will discuss Pit Crew’s very latest WA and national aggregate labour market data to deliver a comprehensive labour market update.
This is a unique opportunity to access up-to-the-minute labour market intelligence to enhance your project planning and outcomes.

About Pit Crew

Pit Crew has spent the last eight years working with many of the major corporate, industry and government stakeholders in the Australian resources and energy sectors, delivering premium labour market forecasting and analysis for major projects. Our comprehensive range of reports provide our subscribers with detailed forecasts and analysis of the labour market from initial project concept and feasibility through the construction phase, to operations and ongoing asset management.

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