Perth's Urban Village Phenomenon

Event Date: 
27 February 2014
Leederville Hotel


You may have noticed a new optimism arising in recent years in Perth as a vibrant, contemporary place to live, play,
visit and work. You may have felt a pang of pride as Perth made it into the New York Times top 10 places to visit world
wide in 2014 and you may have heard visitors, friends and colleagues saying things like “Perth has grown up”, “Perth
has come of age”, “there is so much more to do here now”! It seems Perth has arrived as the place to be! This is from a
position not that long ago of being tagged with much less flattering descriptions. So how did we get here and what do
we need to do keep this positive momentum going? One of the key contributors to this evolution has been the resurgence of our urban town centre areas and the
increasing interest, investment and growth in these local urban villages. These precincts have become popular places
offering an array of unique retail, hospitality, art, leisure and entertainment experiences. More importantly they offer a
place where people (both locals and visitors) can connect. Our urban villages are populated by passionate independent
and forward thinking business owners and residents, who are interested in collaboratively building on the uniqueness
of their place. It is therefore no surprise that recent findings point to a significant correlation between community
attachment and economic growth. This special EDA Forum will provide a unique opportunity to hear first hand from the key local and national
innovation leaders and champions who have directly influenced Perth’s growing urban village phenomena. You will
learn about the essential elements of these flourishing place making approaches, how hurdles have been overcome and
how shared vision can effectively harness businesses and residents energy to create shared ownership and success.  Speakers include:Victoria Moxey - Publisher and Founder of Urban WalkaboutKatrina Adams - Business Manager, Urban WalkaboutJohn Carey - Founder of Beaufort Street Network, Festival & Chairperson and Mayor of the City of VincentDean Cracknell and David Doy - Beaufort Street Network  

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