Perth in Focus: Made in Australia

Event Date: 
09 May 2013
Hyatt Regency Perth

Can Australia Cope with a Population of 62 Million by 2101?

Who will create the West Coast Megaregion – and how?

The challenges of Australia’s population growth are already stretching infrastructure, budgets and nerves.

How can we plan and build for an additional 40 million people in the next nine decades? That’s an ABS prediction for Australian population growth, and yet planning currently accounts for a population growth of just 5.5 million people in that time.

The Committee for Perth invites you to “Made in Australia” – a pivotal event in our Perth in Focus series, which brings city making into focus with quality, strategic and future focused discussion.

In the hot off the press book Made in Australia, co-authors Professor Richard Weller and Dr Julian Bolleter explore the issues, threats and challenges associated with the future of Australian Cities. Join co-author Dr Julian Bolleter and a distinguished panel of Perth professionals in this vital discussion of the book’s findings, the implications and issues facing Perth, and the planning you should be doing right now.

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