Perth in Focus: Filling the Pool

Event Date: 
19 August 2014
Hyatt Regency Perth
Grand Ballroom
99 Adelaide Terrace

Differences between how men and women self-promote, how they access critical networks, experience corporate culture, deal with direct and indirect discrimination and manage their domestic roles are just some of the preliminary findings of Dr Terry Fitzsimmons as part of the Committee for Perth’s ‘Filling the Pool’ research project.

Dr Fitzsimmons has conducted more than 150 interviews with people ranging from CEO’s to senior and middle management, board and chair members, HR recruiters and women who have opted out of management roles, to examine how Western Australian businesses can increase the participation rates of women in middle and senior levels of the corporate landscape.

In Western Australia’s top corporates, women hold just:

* 7.1% of directorships in top companies
* 1.6% of CEO positions in top companies
* 1.3% of female chairs in top companies

These figures are significantly behind those of any other state of Australia.

Women are not just an underutilised resource but Western Australia has a gender pay-gap of 26%, by far the largest in Australia.

At this Perth in Focus luncheon, Dr Fitzsimmons will present the foundations for the research project as well as the preliminary findings of the 'Filling the Pool' project and begin to answer the question of whether there really are significant differences facing women in WA compared to the rest of the Country?

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