OPTIRO: Resource Evaluation with Surpac course 20-23 June 2017

Event Date: 
20 June 2017 to 23 June 2017
$5 200.00
Optiro Head Office
Level 1, 16 Ord Street

This practical 4-day Resource Evaluation with Surpac course uses a real-life data set to cover the resource evaluation cycle and its requirements. You will learn the key concepts related to the processes, from data collection and quality assurance through to classification. These concepts are reinforced through a large number of practical activities, all of which involve using Surpac on a real-life data set. This course has been drawn from industry best practice and twenty years of estimation experience with Surpac.

Optiro has developed add-on modules that will improve your efficiency and offer functionality beyond Surpac’s normal functionality.

Attendees will receive a FREE copy of the OREpack Declus Optimiser, and a 30-day FREE trial of any one of these OREpack modules for Surpac:
- Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis
- Localised Uniform Conditioning
- Drillhole Spacing Optimiser
- Estimation Manager

Course outline:
Introduction – flow of tasks, key Surpac concepts
• Data quality – using Surpac to perform validation checks on input data
• Geology and Domaining – geology of a real-life data set, basic wireframing techniques and validation, assigning domain codes to drillholes
• Data preparation – compositing within domains, validating composites
• Statistics – understanding and reporting statistical parameters,topcutting
• Continuity – understanding and modelling variograms, using variogram maps to develop anisotropy ellipsoid parameters
• Estimation – understanding different techniques, using Surpac to perform estimates, optimising estimation metrics (eg. block size, number of samples)
• Validation – using Surpac to validate a model against input data
• Post-processing – understanding change of support and recoverable resources
• Classification and reporting – understanding the Codes, using Surpac to assess and assign classification categories
• Risk and uncertainty – understanding the basics of simulation, and when it is useful
• Reconciliation – using Surpac to validate a resource model against grade control data

Rowdy Bristol BSc (Construction Engineering), AAS (Land Surveying), MSc (Geological Engineering/Geostatistics), Post Grad Dip Computing
Rowdy is a geologist, engineer, and surveyor with postgraduate qualifications in geostatistics, and computing. Rowdy has more than 20 years’ worldwide experience in the mining industry, and four years’ experience working for a mining consultancy in the United States. Rowdy holds degrees in Geology, Surveying and Engineering, and has worked as a mine geologist, engineer, and surveyor. He has trained geologists, engineers, and surveyors in the use of Surpac Software at underground and open pit mines covering all major commodities. Rowdy’s skills are in resource evaluation, geostatistics, training, mine geology, engineering, and surveying.

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